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Are you a software developer and you have problems with distribution? Do you want to achieve a large number of installations without spending a lot of money? We can do it for you! We possess a very attractive offer on the installation and promotion of your software. Thanks to proven solutions, we can provide a large scope of distribution and high quality customers. Contact us if you want to know more details.


Need more traffic? The number of downloads of your software is not satisfactory? Contact us! We will organize for you a complex advertising campaign, which will ensure you a large quantity of high quality traffic, and at the same time its cost will be lower than standard CPM and CPC campaigns.


Have you developed good software but you do not earn on it as much as you want? Are you looking for additional, higher income from your software? We possess ready solutions ensuring the possibility of monetization, we can also take care of promotion and distribution. If you are interested in a comprehensive solution and attractive rates, contact us using our contact form.


High Quallity Traffic

Are you fed up with ineffective CPC and CPM campaigns? You no longer need to waste money on insignificant traffic. offers a different approach to contextual advertisement in CPC model. On the basis of our own solutions, we can provide traffic of a very high quality, similar to the quality of organic traffic (google / bing etc. search results). In combination with the precise targeting and reasonable prices this is a great solution which will forever replace traditional CPC and CPM campaigns.

Precise Targeting

How to effectively minimize the costs of an advertising campaign? It is sufficient to reach the target group of clients, thus avoiding unnecessary costs on accidental clicks or impressions. Pirrit ensures the possibility of precise targeting of placed advertisements. We provide a choice of specific keywords or prepared groups of keywords for the given industry. There is also a possibility of geotargeting a campaign. Such an accurate targeting of advertisements combined with attractive price guarantees minimization of costs borne on advertising campaigns.

High Efficiency

The combination of very high quality traffic and the possibility of accurate targeting of advertisement ensures high efficiency of a campaign. The cost of the campaign depends on the rates proposed by the advertiser. The choice of advertisement takes place is auctions based on XML Feed. The combination of all these factors guarantees the reduction of campaign costs to a minimum and targeting to you traffic of very high quality. The effectiveness of the campaigns in this model is much higher than in the case of traditional cpc and cpm models.

Download mirror

Pirrit offers a download mirror for files which you can immediately monetize. It solves the following problems:

With the Pirrit Download Mirror:

Each download and installation from our servers brings you income and is dependent on the target group (user’s country). Ask for details, and we will send you a quote.

At present, our infrastructure includes more than 1 million programs of well known manufacturers which are hosted by us.

If you possess a website with software (freeware, shareware or other), you will not have to send the files which you have in the database, you will just have to change their links so that they lead to us and you immediately can make money.

Our files are continuously updated and safe - tested with the latest antivirus software. We provide technical support and optimization of revenue through suggestions regarding usability.

You not only earn with us for installations, but you also reduce the costs associated with servers. Contact us to learn more. We will also present you case studies and information presenting how is it possible for download sites to earn more with us!

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If you are interested in our offer or you have additional questions, please send your inquiry via contact form. We will answer as soon as it possible.